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Gertrude, a Red Wattle sow, with her piglets, enjoying a break from nursing

Timberwyck Farm, a small saltwater farm near the Penobscot River in Castine raises heritage Red Wattle and Large Black hogs for piglets and market. Establish in 2008, we have been both raising and breeding pigs for three years now. Pigs are farrowed and raised on green pasture, thick with legumes and field grasses, which the two breeds we focus on make the most of.

Red Wattle hogs are prized for their rich, lean pork, resembling beef more than other pork, with a deep red hue. Large Blacks are a very old breed of lard hogs from England, that are known for their excellent foraging ability. The crosses we raise consistently produce top quality pork that is delightfully marbled and some of the best tasting pork around.

Besides pork products, we also sell piglets for raising as well. Contact us at

Health and happy eating!
Colin Powell & Emma Sweet
Timberwyck Farm, Castine