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Port Clyde sits at the confluence of Muscongus and Penobscot bays, and provides key access to myriad fishing grounds. The village is steeped in the fishing industry, going back some 200 years.and on a much smaller scale, this heritage continues today with shrimp as well as groundfish such as haddock, flounder, cod, pollock and hake. Roughly a dozen groundfishing vessels make up Port Clyde’s small fleet, the last between Portland, Maine and the Canadian border. A guarantee of 100% supply-chain traceability starts at harvest, and continues through packaging at our Port Clyde-based, HAACP-certified processing facility. Our Community Supported Fishery (CSF) customers, restaurateurs, and other seafood retailers receive the freshest fish and shrimp available. They know every step of the route it takes from the moment it leaves Maine’s clear waters until it reaches your plate.