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The Birdsall family came to Maine in 1972 to Penobscot, Maine and settled down on a 383-acre farm. As the name states, this family has focused on the specialty of sustainable farming with horsepower to do a number of activities from tilling to logging. This farm produces delicious Maine blueberries and vegetables and raises pigs and lambs for slaughter in the fall. The Birdsalls have long been activists for farmland protection and conservation. Paul, who founded Horsepower in the 1970’s with his wife, Mollie, was an important part of Maine Farmland Trust. He is still active on the farm, along with son, Andy, and his wife, Donna, young daughter, Amara, and son, Drew, and his wife, Meghan, and their little boy, Charlie. If this sounds like a place you want to visit, you’re in luck! The farm provides sleigh rides in the winter to show the beautiful countryside they call home.